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Daycare Options for Working Parents in Florida

Childcare has become a necessity for working parents in the US. According to a recent survey, an estimated 65% of American children under the age of six have parents who are part of the civilian labor force. These parents rely on some form of childcare to be able to work and earn to support their families.

Another survey reveals that nearly two million parents in America have had to sacrifice their careers due to inadequate availability of childcare. Data gathered by the Center for American Progress (CAP) shows that businesses in the US lose over $4 billion a year, solely due to gaps in childcare—forcing parents to choose between taking care of their children or going to work.

Childcare — The Ideal Solution

There are a few options for childcare that are available for such parents. Finding the right one depends on each parent’s budget, the specific needs of their children, hours and expectations in terms of service, as well as their location.

Here’s a list of options for working parents who want to find the right kind of care for their child:

Family Childcare:

For many families, in-home childcare is an attractive option. It entails quality care that’s provided within the comfort of a home setting by a relative, friend, neighbor, or childcare professional. It’s usually less expensive than a center-based childcare service or a nanny.

It also has a better child-to-provider ratio, which means that the child will receive individual attention.

In-home family daycare is also flexible and can be adjusted according to the work schedules of the parents and the needs of the child.

The Catch –

However, because most family daycares don’t rely on professional caregivers, they offer less stability for the child. The relative or friend that is taking care of your child currently may not be available next month. The frequent changes can harm the child as they have to adjust to a new care provider each time.

The flexibility option goes both ways and parents are required to adjust according to the care provider’s holiday and workday schedules as well. Family daycare is also less regulated by the state and is less-monitored compared to center-based childcare. This means there are some major safety concerns to consider before going for this option.

Nanny-Based Child Care:

Hiring a nanny can seem like a good option, as your child gets to stay at home and get individual attention. They avoid the emotional and mental stress of transitioning and adjusting to a new place.

Also, since the nanny is an employee, the parents have the liberty to set the hours and conditions of work.

The Catch –

The biggest problem with nanny-based childcare is the cost. According to the 2017 INA Nanny Salary & Benefits Survey, the average rate of a nanny is $19.14 per hour. Taking into account the 40-hour week most working parents punch in, the cost of a nanny per week adds up to $766! The numbers go up for each additional child, which is more than what most parents can afford.

Another issue with hiring a nanny is the lack of stability. Although a professional nanny is hired on a contractual basis, they can quit at any time. This means the parents have to either care for their children themselves or hire a temporary babysitter while the replacement is found.

Center-Based Childcare Service:

Center-based childcare centers are licensed and registered with the state to provide care for children. The fee is charged monthly and can range from $350 to $1,600 per month depending on the area and size of the center.

Childcare centers provide better care with educational and fun activities aimed at the personal and academic development of the child. The presence of several other children allows better social development of the child as well.

They also offer better stability and are regulated with health, safety, and childcare guidelines set by the state.

The Catch –

Most center-based childcare centers have fixed hours of operation which is not ideal for parents who work part-time. They also have a higher child-to-provider ratio which means the child might not get as much one-on-one attention as other types of childcare options.

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