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Coronovirus Precaution

Keeping you informed


The safety and well-being of the children in our care, their families, and our staff are our highest priority and is at the core of our Kids ‘R’ Kids mission and policies. We have been the pioneers in providing the best in safety features and procedures, and we will continue to lead the way.

We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation and follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Public Health Departments, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Childcare Licensing, and state/local officials.

We are communicating with our enrolled families on our extensive coronavirus plan as well as encouraging individuals to keep up to date with reliable sources.

CDC / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Infections in children has been extremely low. More info.
COVID-19 situation summary. More info.
Cleaning & Disinfecting. More Info.
Handwashing Protection. More Info.

Kids ‘R’ Kids of Oviedo is doing everything possible to keep our students and employees safe and to keep our operations running at a normal level. We are taking extra operational steps to ensure that our school can continue to create a welcoming, enjoyable and worry-free environment for your children and our employees.

It is important to take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously while at the same time resisting the urge to panic. For all of us as parents, this means staying up-to-date on recommendations from credible sources such as, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The American Academy of Pediatrics, The World Health Organization and our local health department.

With all K-12 schools being closed until April 15th, we are monitoring the situation very closely. At this point of time, we have decided to remain open. We take our responsibility to our children and families very seriously. The following actions have been implemented immediately to reduce the risk and exposure to the virus:

  • Daily Sterilization of all classrooms and common areas using Clorox: All areas will be disinfected daily using Clorox Multi Surface Spray. The CDC has published a list of disinfectants for use against COVID-19 a.k.a Coronavirus.
  • ZONO Sterilization of Toys: All of our toys are sanitized daily using our ZONO Machine that kills viruses
  • Drop-Off and Pick-Up: To minimize the number of people entering our facility, we want to enforce the Kiss ‘N Go Policy. An additional staff member will be outside in the drop-off area to help unload in the morning and bring children to your vehicles in the afternoons/evenings. This will prohibit any person except the following from accessing our school: KRK staff; persons with legal authority to enter, including law enforcement officers, Child Care Licensing staff, and Department of Family and Protective Services staff; professionals providing services to children; children enrolled at KRK Oviedo.
  • Restricting Usage of Common Areas: In the morning we will bring the students immediately to their classrooms, once we have enough teachers, rather than gathering in the cafe. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served in the classroom instead of the cafe. STEAM Lab activities will take place within the classroom. Our building has individual HVAC units rather than centralized air & heat. Each classroom has it’s own direct door to an age-appropriate playground so that children do not have to walk down hallways to repeatedly enter/exit the building. Our building is designed with social distancing in mind.
  • Hand washing: We encourage increased hand washing procedures during the day using soap & water, which are simple but proven effective deterrents against viruses.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is our chief resource in evaluating the health & safety of our school. We will continue to follow all instructions provided by the Florida Department of Health related to quarantine or child-care site closure due to potential virus exposure.

We recognize the burden a school closure would place on our working families. Our goal is to remain open and continue to provide your families with a safe, healthy environment for your children to play and learn. Please help us by keeping a sick child home and minimizing exposure. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children in our care and for your peace of mind.