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Three Ways to Help Your Preschooler with Separation Anxiety

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One of the saddest moments of an individual’s day is watching a sweet preschooler cry and cling to their parent as one drops them off at daycare. This level of separation anxiety can become extremely distressing for both you and your preschooler as they begin their schooling journey. If you find yourself struggling to keep them calm while letting them go, here are three tips to help your preschooler enter daycare in peace.

1. Ease into the Separation 

Often times, you know the situations where you will have to leave your preschooler alone, causing them to break down without you. Before you enter into those situations, make sure to familiarize them with the circumstance and area they will be in. Slowly start to separate them from you so they feel relaxed when the time comes to truly separate.

2. Discuss Their Fears 

Introducing your preschooler to any new, unfamiliar environment could cause them to spiral into a panic. Acknowledge their anxiety and let them know it is a normal response, but that everything will be okay in the end. You will be there to pick them up at the end of the day and they will have so much fun in the time being. Be sure not to resort to rewards to calm their separation anxiety, just keep a level head and discuss their fears with them!

3. Leave Without Any Commotion

The last thing you want to do when your preschooler becomes upset is to make things worse. Often parents will try to quickly leave without a goodbye or give them so much affection the preschooler is left worse for wear. While keeping your emotions at ease, give your preschooler a simple goodbye and leave without looking back. This may be harder for you than them, but know you truly are helping them in the long run.

We know separation anxiety can be extremely difficult for both you and your preschooler to go through. You are not alone! If you follow these tips, you will be one step closer to separating from your preschooler without the stress!

Creating Chaos-Free Mornings with your Preschooler

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