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Don’t just take our word for it…

Julie M.

“The atmosphere and culture and rooms are big and inviting and this is a place with a calling that doesn’t take your money and then clocks your kid in and out. They care.”

D. Torres

“My children have attend KRK since they opened in 2005 and we love the place. My three oldest are in elementary school now and I owe their success to the teachers and staff of krk. I will be sad to leave them when my youngest goes to kinder this coming year. I would not take them any other preschool.”

Hallie W.

“He is still going today as a “schooler” When you are a working mother, it is one of the hardest things in the world to find a place that you feel takes care of your child as well as you would if you could do it yourself. I have certainly found this with this group of loving individuals. I know in my heart that they love my son Logan, and I couldn`t ask for more.”

Mother of 3–year–old

“(My sons) have enjoyed every day here. The staff is wonderful and caring and have become an extended part of our family.”

M. Kreps

“ The staff is excellent with better training, including advanced degrees, and much longer tenure. This makes a real difference in the classroom. Our 4 year old is well above level, and our 18 month old is on the same track. The quality of care is excellent and the facilities are more than ideal. Plus, the owners go out of their way to provide for the community through charity events and innovative anti-recession support ahead of its time.”