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Creating Chaos-Free Mornings with Your Preschooler

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You often find your mornings full of chaos with lunches scattered fragmentedly across the kitchen counter as your preschooler stands still in their pajamas. If you are wondering where all the time has gone as you race to get ready, here are a few ideas to help guide you toward an easy-going, chaos-free morning!

 Rise and Shine a Little Earlier

We know on certain mornings your bed can feel like the comfiest place in the world. However, getting up a few minutes before the rest of your household is awake can help give you some extra time to spend for yourself. This can be anything from preparing meals to picking up the book you set down a few months ago. If you prepare for the morning before your snuggly, sleepy friend arises, you will find that you have more time to spend cuddling and less time trying to piece everything together before it is too late!

 Prepare the Night Before 

As time seems to fly in the mornings, it can be difficult to balance packing your preschooler for daycare all while trying to get them ready for the day to come. Do not panic, though, as the solution is simple: prepare as much as you can the night before! Try having your preschooler choose which outfit they want to wear and get their backpack ready the night before. This way, you do not have to worry about the small things in the morning. Truly, anything you can think of that can be done the night before will only benefit you in the morning!

 Get into a Routine

Creating a structured morning environment for your preschooler could be just the thing you have been missing! When you wake your preschooler, try to walk them step-by-step through their morning routine. Consider giving them a list that is easy to remember: “First, we eat breakfast. Next, we put on our outfit for the day. Then, we brush our teeth.” Getting into an established routine will help keep both you and your preschooler on track as the morning progresses.

Now that you have a few ideas, you mornings will slowly become less chaotic and full of extra time to spend with your growing preschooler before they leave for daycare!

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