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West Frisco's Extra Curricular Programs

Curriculum enhancements for children 2 years old through Pre-K

We include curriculum enhancements in our tuition for children two years old through Pre-K:

Music – Music is a very useful and unique tool used for brain development. Our music programs expose children to all kinds of musical styles, cultures, and techniques, awakening their inner melodious abilities. With our program, children have the opportunity to play instruments, engage in singing exercises, and compose their very own musical masterpiece. We utilize ColorSoundation for ages 3 and up and Opus One for 3 and under.

Health and Fitness – Recent studies show our society’s increasing endorsements of the comforts of technology and fast food enables childhood obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions. Kids ‘R’ Kids West Frisco knows how important physical activity is to your
child’s development
. That’s why our centers include the Kids ‘R’ Kids Health and Fitness Challenge. Our Health and Fitness Program provides all the tools for kids of all ages to learn how to live the healthy lifestyle. Throughout this curriculum we emphasize healthy bodies, the food pyramid, and physical fitness. We stress the importance of fair play, team cooperation, and physical well-being. The Fitness Adventure program is taught by The Gym Station.

Foreign Language – A child’s brain is designed to learn multiple languages – that’s why there’s no better time to learn another language than during the early childhood years. Our school offers Spanish for our Foreign Language class. The program is taught by Spanish on Wheels.

Computers – Knowing that our future continues to evolve technologically, Kids `R` Kids West Frisco provides your child with the latest in electronic lessons and games to support the educational themes taught in school.

We also host these parent-paid EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES during the school day on our campuses:

Dance Adventures  

Soccer Shots

Kid Builders

Fun Bus

Touchdown Tots