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Kindergarten Program

A safe, loving and smart place to prepare your child for the years ahead!

Beyond “Typical” Kindergarten

The Kids ‘R’ Kids 1500 series is an aggressive curriculum that goes well beyond what is expected of “typical” kindergarten curriculums. It is based on a Constructivism theory, which says that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. An in-house team of over 20 curriculum experts, with more than 200 collective years of early education teaching experience, designed this series for children to create meaning out of their activities. It requires the children to be active participants of their learning; to be hands-on and to define and achieve the intended learning objectives.

Higher-level Advanced Program

The Kids ‘R’ Kids Kindergarten Curriculum is a higher-level advanced program based on 44 standards and 160 learning goals that exceed first grade standards. It is one of the most well-rounded and diverse curricula being taught. While there is freedom in thought and allowance for children to take their own explorations, it is very focused and deliberate. Each week is carefully planned out and builds on the previous. By the end of the series, children have completed a robust curriculum that encompassed everything from phonics, reading, math, science and everything in between. Graduates of Kids ‘R’ Kids Kindergarten are almost always better prepared than their peers.


  • Encompasses all literacy concepts (poetry, story writing, use of frequently occurring nouns and verbs, figures of speech, alphabetizing, alliteration, sentence structure) with a concentration on 1st grade reading skills
  • Building efficient and competent readers through our proprietary sequential readers
  • Mastery in 222 Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words exceeding all standards
  • Daily writing experience to encourage children’s written communication ability

Math and Science

  • Innovative math concepts including: subitizing, measurement, fractions, addition, subtraction, early multiplication, place value and recognition of numbers 1-150
  • Inquiry-based science with immersive activities, including: project-based experiments, student centered way of thinking and investigating

Social Studies

  • Compare and contrast people, places and environments and describe their characteristics
  • Explore and describe similarities and differences in the ways groups, societies and cultures address similar needs and concerns


  • Emphasis on character development, promoting personal character growth and positive social skills
  • Weekly planned art and cooking activities to provide opportunities for self-expression


  • Administer daily assessments with authentic evidence of child’s learning
  • Play-based component that is an effective tool in developing a child’s cognitive, physical and social understanding
  • Use of technology to gather information and communicate learning
  • Arrange events and ideas in sequence
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