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Coronavirus Precaution

Keeping you informed


Now more than ever, Health and Safety protocol is of utmost importance. We understand you want peace of mind that we are doing the right things to protect your children and family. We will continue to maintain and expand our safety measures to follow CDC and local health department recommendations. Below is an extensive list of the varied procedures, products and services we employ to maintain a safe and healthy environment. We truly feel the only place cleaner in our community is the hospital operating room!

  1. Screenings: We perform screenings on EVERY person coming into the building. This daily screening adheres to CDC Requirements, affirming that the person entering has had no fever, shortness of breath, cough, etc. In addition, we take each individual’s temperature prior to entering the building. We restrict access to the building if any of the screening measures are not passed.
  2. Restricted Building Access: We limit those in the building to teachers and students, with few exceptions. This means we are valeting students for drop-off and pick-up. Parents are allowed in only if there is a need, following the screening mentioned above.
  3. Enrollment & Vacation Screening: For any new enrollment or currently enrolled family who is returning after being absent for at least a week or due to illness, we require parents to sign our Enrollment Screener. This affirms they will adhere to the above mentioned daily screenings, and further that they have not traveled to CDC restricted areas in the last 14 days, have no household members currently under quarantine or have not been exposed to a person with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  4. Temperature checks: In addition to the temperature check we take prior to granting access to the building, we perform a second temp check of every student in the building mid-day. If a child ever has a fever of 100.4 or higher, the student is removed from the classroom and parents are notified immediately. All individuals must remain out of the center for 72 hours from the last known fever or other illnesses and symptoms.
  5. Handwashing: Students and teachers wash their hands religiously- when they arrive, when they leave, and an endless number of times in between! We have hand sanitizer at the door which everyone uses prior to entering the building until they get to a sink to wash hands with soap and water. We also make sure children wash their hands before they leave the classroom to go home for the day.
  6. Common Touchpoints: A staff member disinfects common touchpoints throughout the building mid-day, every day. This includes handles, knobs, bathrooms, light switches, toilets, sinks, etc. We also do this at the end of the day.
  1. Cleaning Product: We use a hospital grade disinfectant cleaner that is on the EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against COVID-19.
  2. Disinfx: Disinfx® is a company that comes in regularly with an electrostatic sprayer to fog spray our entire building and all contents in the building. The product they use also has a 90-day Residual Antimicrobial Coating which creates a long-lasting antimicrobial protection that can effectively prevent microbes on different types of surfaces. Once a month, Disinfx comes to swab test several random places to ensure our classrooms are clean.
  3. Synexis Biodefense System: This leased equipment from Synexis creates a hydrogen peroxide vapor. The Hydrogen Peroxide vapor disinfects the air and everything the air touches essentially disinfecting every nook and cranny in the classroom! We rotate this system through our classrooms to ensure they are fully disinfected regularly!
  4. Playground Equipment: Playground equipment is disinfected after each classroom use.
In the Classrooms:
  1. Stable Groups: Stable groups within our school are defined. This means students are only with the same student groups on a regular basis. Students play on a playground with just their classmates and have near zero interaction with students outside of these Stable Groups. These Stable groups generally consist of the classroom and sister classroom where an HVAC unit is shared. Classrooms are separated for all but extreme ends of the day.
  2. Lunch and Snacks: All meals/snacks are served in the classrooms so that exposure to other students is limited. Students’ meals are plated and served individually, rather than family style.
  3. Toy Restrictions: All “soft” furniture, toys, etc. that cannot be easily disinfected have been removed from classrooms. In infant/toddler classrooms, we closely monitor the use of toys and regularly sanitize toys after individual use.
  4. Teacher masks– All staff are required to wear masks throughout the day. We had this requirement in place before Texas state mandate as one of our many efforts to be proactive, not reactive.

CDC / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
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Providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children in our care and for your peace of mind.