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We take your child’s safety very seriously and are committed to going the extra mile in ensuring that we will implement the most effective emergency preparedness plans in case of emergency or crisis situations. Kids ‘R’ Kids of Mansfield & S. Arlington considers training and preparation to be of the utmost importance. Our staff has received on-site professional training on how to best respond during emergency and crisis situations. We are trained by the best safety experts in the nation on how to respond, collaborate, and protect our students during a crisis. Additionally, our facility and website have been screened and optimized to maximize your child’s safety while in our care.

We have recognized that our deep love for our students is not enough to best protect and serve them during a crisis, and our training is what will really make a difference. Through training, each staff member has been empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to appropriately respond to any crisis situation. Training is the most crucial piece of any comprehensive emergency preparedness and security program. At Kids ‘R’ Kids of Mansfield & S. Arlington we consider our staff and students to be a part of one big family, and we are committed to doing everything in our ability to give you peace of mind while your children are in our care!