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Teaching Preschoolers the Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day

Teaching Preschoolers the Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day at Kids 'R' Kids West Frisco, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

It’s not Christmas, and it’s not the 4th of July. It’s not even as big as Easter. Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day is a big holiday that is going to be on your preschooler’s radar. Whether it’s a big deal to your family or not, it’s probably worth having a conversation about. Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things for a lot of different people, and odds are the media portrayal of Valentine’s Day is not the understanding that you want your preschooler to have of the holiday. So here are some tips on how to have a good conversation about the holiday:

Keep it Simple

Valentine’s Day is not a super complicated subject, so don’t try and over-explain it to your preschooler. Simply saying, “This day is an extra opportunity to express how much you care for a person and to tell them what they mean to you” will do. Romantic relationships don’t have to make sense, leave it at heart-shaped cards and hugs and chocolate. As adults there isn’t much more to the holiday anyways, so even if your preschooler doesn’t get it right away, don’t sweat it as long as they know you love them.

Make it Personal

Your preschooler is probably not going to understand the bigger ideas of love and Valentines day, but one thing they do understand is you. Showing up, telling them that you love them as much as you do, and making a day out of it goes a long way. Goofy is always a failsafe route to take at this age. Wrap your little one up, blow on his belly, and swing him around a couple of times, and I think they will get the gist of it! And setting the example between you and your spouse can be a great example on how to love well on Valentine’s Day.

did you know…

…there’s also a very fun historical story behind the meaning of Valentine’s Day! Teaching your little ones the meaning behind all the holidays makes them more aware of what we celebrate and why we celebrate it! Learn more here.

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