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Teaching your Preschooler to Appreciate Gifts

Teaching your Preschooler to Appreciate Gifts at Kids 'R' Kids West Frisco, Daycare, childcare, preschool, learning academy

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift. But learning to appreciate the gift and the giver is a true mark of kindness. Teach your preschoolers to appreciate gifts with these two ideas.

Thank you cards. 

Receiving a gift is an amazing opportunity to use our crafting skills to make a thank you card. Children love crafts: coloring, stamping, gluing glitter and choosing paper colors. Even if it is a gift your child does not like, respond with excitement that you now get to create a card. Make the card-making process an event. Allow your child to enjoy the gift before making the card, then include something specific you appreciate about the gift. “We used the Chick-fil-A gift card and loved our nuggets with the new mac and cheese.” “We have spent hours coloring in the coloring book you gave us. Thank you.” Give your child an opportunity to use their artistic side by drawing a picture of the gift or a picture of themselves using the gift to send to the giver.

Thank you picture. 

During your child’s enjoyment of the gift, take a photo to send to the gift-giver. Tell your child that you need to take a picture of them using the gift and let them help you figure out what would make the best picture.

Remember the giver.

Write the name of the person who gave it to your child on the bottom of the gift: “To Tommy from Katie.” As your child plays with the toy you can ask them who gave it to them, remind them of that person’s kindness. If you were gifted a movie pass or a meal, remind your child during the event that it is a gift from a specific giver. When you see the giver in person, prompt your child to tell them how much they enjoyed the gift by recalling these moments to their mind.

Appreciating gifts is a skillful use of good manners. Teaching your child while they are still a preschooler to appreciate gifts will help them become appreciative adults and turn their focus toward others. 

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