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What to Look For in a Preschool

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing where to send your child to preschool. It can be a difficult decision, but it should also be an exciting one! Check out the tips below if you’re needing help deciding where to send your child.

The first thing to consider is safety. Is this preschool located in a safe area? Does the building look well-kept, or is it rather dilapidated? Are the classrooms and halls well lit? Do the people that run the school seem capable? While tough questions to consider, these are all necessary things to think about when choosing a preschool.

Next, you want to make sure the preschool is relatively clean. Little ones carry a lot of germs, and while you won’t be able to keep your child away from all sickness, you can prevent a lot of it by sending your child to a preschool that is clean. When touring the preschool, you’ll want to look at the bathrooms and classrooms, but you should also note the little things like the toys that your little one will be playing with on a daily basis. Do those look like they’ve been sanitized recently? Keep all this in mind when looking at potential preschools.

Lastly, convenience should be a major factor when choosing a preschool. Odds are, your child’s preschool will call you at some point needing you to come pick up your little one. In that situation, you will want to be close enough to the preschool that you can be there quickly. Take note of the distance from where you’ll be during the day to the school. Is it an easy trip or will it be difficult to get there in a pinch?

When it’s time to make the decision of where your little one will be attending preschool, make sure you make an informed decision that will make the transition from home to school easier for both you and your child. Use our Comparison Checklist to narrow down the perfect school for your child.



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