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Teaching Your Preschooler About Spring Holidays

Spring holidays

When it comes to holidays, most kids are almost entirely self-sufficient. Yes, you might have to have a conversation about Santa Claus at some point, but once your preschooler experiences a holiday, they are most likely going to have the gist of it down. It’s a pretty straightforward concept for a little one. First, it means no school, but it can also mean seeing family, and most likely includes a lot of fun. While your preschooler may be familiar enough with Christmas and Halloween, odds are they probably don’t have many of the spring holidays on their radar. Nevertheless, those holidays are pretty easy to explain. So here are some of the spring holidays that are worth covering with your preschooler:


It’s kind of hard to ignore a person in a giant bunny suit. If your preschooler doesn’t notice the Easter Bunny or could really care less, let them live on in blissful ignorance for a little while longer. Now, obviously Easter means more to some than others, but the cultural representations of it are almost inescapable. Pastel colors suddenly become in demand, woven baskets appear in numerous unexplainable quantities, and all the grocery stores try to shove candy down your throat. Odds are, your preschooler will notice, and the best idea is to just answer their questions! If you are a Christian, tell them the significance of what you as a family believe. If not, explain to them that Easter is a celebration of new life in the spring. No matter what religion you practice or background you come from, celebrate the opportunity to be with your family during this beautiful season.

St. Patrick’s Day

This holiday is not exactly complicated. There’s quite a good possibility that you don’t know anything about St. Patrick himself. You might not have an ounce of Irish blood in your veins. Whatever your affinity for leprechauns is, St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent excuse to have a little fun with your preschooler. The day can be as goofy or as silly as you want to make it! Deck yourself and your preschooler out in green. Make green pancakes or icing to put on cupcakes. Try and trick your child into eating more vegetables (always worth a shot). Just go to town with it. There really doesn’t have to be a particular reason, but the day can make for some light-hearted fun.

Mother’s Day

For all you dads out there, it shouldn’t be too hard to involve your preschooler on the whole day. All it takes is a simple explanation of how much you all love mom, and that you want to give her a special day. If you can convey the idea that they should come to you for everything instead of your wife, then you’ve made a great first step! And don’t be afraid to let your preschooler get involved: ask your children to be helpful, and make it easy for them to love on your wife. Get them a card to sign, or help them make some homemade ones all together as a family. At the end of the day if you handle the kiddos, odds are mom is going to be very happy!

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