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The Kids 'R' Kids Story

Over 50 Years in Early Learning & Childcare
It All Began with a Vision…

The Story of Our Founders: Pat & Janice Vinson

The Vinson’s role in the childcare business began in 1961 when Pat Vinson and his mother, June, renovated their home into a day nursery for children and named it Kiddie City. A truly innovative concept at the time, the idea of group care wasn’t as popular in the 1960s as it is today. However, fueled by a love of children and a desire to help working families, Pat built an extraordinary and successful business out of faith, hard work and determination.

Kiddie City Opens

A few months after Kiddie City opened its doors, a young lady named Janice Whatley met Pat through a mutual friend and soon began working at the nursery.

Pat would pick Janice up at her high school and drive her to work every day, where she helped in the after school room. Eventually, the two fell in love and married in the winter of 1963.

The first Kids ‘R’ Kids opens in 1985

Pat and Janice continued operating a successful preschool, and eventually expanded their business to include a private kindergarten where their two children, David and Darlene, attended.

After 24 years of operating Kiddie City, the couple decided to build a school from the ground up. They sold their business in Decatur, Georgia to build their new business closer to the city. The first Kids ‘R’ Kids opened its doors in 1985.

Kids ‘R’ Kids became the first childcare company to franchise

With a growing need for quality care and the overwhelming success from their first preschool, another Kids ‘R’ Kids was opened 14 months later, and a third location opened its doors two years after that.

Business was booming, and it was also becoming complicated to be on-site in three different locations. Therefore, the idea of franchising came into practice for this young company. Kids ‘R’ Kids International, Incorporated was then formed, and Pat and Janice Vinson sold their first franchise in 1988.

Kids ‘R’ Kids has since blossomed into a world-wide corporation helping small business owners bring a first class preschool to their communities around the nation and around the world with multiple locations in China.

leading the way in early childcare education

Over 170 Kids ‘R’ Kids Locations in the U.S. and rapidly expanding in China.

"Hug First, then Teach"

Our Founding Philosophy

Our most cherished principle, “HUG FIRST, THEN TEACH” defines our outlook on impacting a child’s well-being beyond the classroom.

Because happy children are better prepared for school achievement, healthy relationships, and success in life, they should be loved unconditionally and taught with kindness.

By focusing on all parts of development including character, intellect, creativity, and physical growth, we use the whole-child approach to ensure each child’s success.

We do this through the loving care of our expert teachers, a unique and powerful partnership between your family and our school, and plenty of hugs!

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At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we love what we do, and it shows!

Our VIsion

To pioneer and develop learning that encourages generations to cherish and impact their world.


Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies strives for every child in our care to feel safe, loved, and inspired. We are committed to providing a solid educational foundation, well-trained teachers, and a secure environment where children can flourish intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

By fostering strong connections between families, our schools and communities, we pledge to challenge and prepare all children for a positive impact in every step of their lives.

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