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Our Before AND After School Programs

Setting the bar higher with robust youth programs founded on FUN


The sounds of kids laughing and playing are the sounds of kids learning at Kids ‘R’ Kids. In our before and after school programs, school agers can build upon their education outside of school by participating in various clubs and activities that challenge them in fun new ways! Each child will learn more and grow more by making new friends and absorbing new concepts every day.

VIDEO: The robust School Age Programs where great things happen everyday
Defining their greatness

We happen to believe that kids are pretty great to begin with

Our before and after school programs, holiday breaks and summer camps are designed to help kids dig a little deeper and find those ambitions, traits and talents that will help them define their personal greatness.

From fun character-building and STEAM-based activities to social interactions with real staying power, our G.Y.M curriculum® is ideal for “Growing Young Minds” – providing school agers with the tools necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Shared experiences lead to lasting friendships

They go together like peanut butter and jelly

Social development is an important part of the role we play in each child’s life. Whether before and after school or during one of our camps, our programs give kids a chance to interact in fun, stress-free and collaborative environments. Memory making occurs daily as kids share experiences, and laughter is sure to erupt during action-packed activities.

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Digging a little deeper to find those ambitions, traits and talents

Kids try new things as they gain confidence

Forming friendships and tackling challenges together are only part of the equation to becoming more confident. Opportunity and encouragement play major roles, too. That’s why our engaged teachers inspire kids to explore unchartered territories like sports, art, drama, science, technology, cooking and more.

Finding a passion and unearthing an unknown talent go a long way in building a kid’s sense of self-worth – assuring them they are truly enough, and their potential greatness knows no bounds!

Where curiosity launches innovation everyday

Curiosity launches innovation!

More robust than most, our innovative before and after school programs are thoughtfully engineered for K – 5th grade students! We provide a wide variety of activity clubs to fit their interests and homework clubs to ensure their scholastic success, while providing dedicated homework-free family time at the end of the day.

Our programs serve as an impactful segue between the demands of school and the comforts of home, and our extended hours alleviate some of your stress, too! It’s about more than snacks and blowing off steam on the playground, we’re expanding their minds to new possibilities and encouraging them to act on new-found passions.

Regular use of imagination is not only encouraged… it’s celebrated


Every hour of every day we have each child’s best interest at heart, as they form lasting friendships, explore new experiences and discover hidden talents. Our mission is to help school agers enhance their unique greatness beyond the school year program.

We also offer field trips, holiday breaks and summer camps built on a foundation of FUN and self-discovery. The most important lesson a child will learn is THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

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Key Features of our School Age Programs

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies provide year-round programs for school age children—fun field trips for teacher work days, week-long camps for winter and spring breaks, and summer day camps throughout the summer with a new theme every year. Click HERE to see what our Academies are doing this summer.

Knowing your child is safe is crucial to your peace of mind


  • Clean Classrooms: Include a personal place for each child’s belongings, organized learning centers, disinfected toys and play areas, and child-sized sinks for washing hands
  • Certified Teachers in: Infant/Child and Adult CPR, and First Aid
  • Glass Walls: Unlike typical day care centers or childcare providers, our classrooms feature tempered glass walls for maximum visibility and safety. This promotes an open, bright atmosphere, as well as a clean environment
  • Safety Guard on Door Hinges: Our doors are padded at the hinges so that little fingers don’t get pinched when doors are opened and closed between classrooms
  • Regular Drills for: Tornado, fire, hurricane and school lock-down
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Secure environments put the focus where it belongs…on your child


  • Electronic Security: Coded entries so only authorized visitors may enter the facilities
  • Hiring Process: All staff undergo extensive state-mandated background checks
  • Front Desk: Our front desks are always staffed so that watchful eyes are supervising each facility, ensuring authorized entries only
  • Security Cameras: Every classroom in our facilities has security cameras that are monitored at the front desk. The owners and staff can easily observe classroom activities throughout each day. Families can login to a secure, password-protected website to check in on their child periodically
Fueling growing bodies AND minds

Meals & Snacks

In our before and after school programs, each child is provided with a snack which follows all Kids ‘R’ Kids guidelines for safe, sanitary and healthy foods.

  • Children eat all meals and snacks together, using family-style seating in our kid-friendly cafés
  • Meals and snacks are prepared in our commercial-grade kitchens, which are kept separated from the classrooms
  • All allergies are documented and kept in the front office with administrators
  • Our schools are nut-free zones
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