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Encouraging your Preschooler to Try New Sports

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Playing on a team can help teach our preschoolers the value of working with others and sharing in the reward. It also helps teach them that sharing when things are not going well makes it easier to handle the disappointment. But it is hard to teach your child these great sporting lessons if they are unwilling to try. Here are two ways to encourage your preschooler to try new sports. 

Engage others. 

Trying a new sport is more fun when others are trying a new sport. Plan a mom get together and instead of going to a playset at the park, go to a field and bring a soccer ball. Using all the moms and kids, teach them how to play soccer. Teach them the rules and then after practicing, let them run around and play. After dinner, take the entire family outside to try a new sport together.  When kids associate enjoyment with a new sport, they will not be as nervous to try that sport in a group sport setting. 

Enjoy Together.

Your child adores you. You are their safe place. When your child sees you enjoying something, they try to enjoy it too. Take your preschooler to a local sports event, a little league game or a youth basketball game. Watch it together and have fun together. Talk about all the people and why they are there. Groups sports can be chaotic for a child. Coaches, teammates, parents, noises, and colors are all overstimulating to a shy preschooler. Taking them to a game and sitting in the stands will introduce them to the sport without leaving the comfort of parent safety. If your child can feel comfortable with you in that environment, they can take that comfort into a new environment knowing you are on the sidelines.

Of course, the players aren’t the only ones to benefit. Parents bond as they celebrate their children playing together. Parents become sideline role models of collaboration with the coaches. So, try a new sport with your kiddo today and see what can happen.

Teaching Your Child to Enter New Situations with Confidence 

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