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Teaching Your Child to Enter New Situations with Confidence

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Whether your preschooler is entering a new classroom at daycare or getting a check-up from your doctor, new situations can be very scary; not only can these circumstances quickly become stressful for your child, but for you as well. Never fear, though, as we have compiled some advice to help ease your preschooler into these intimidating situations!

 Talk About What to Expect

You often have a six sense about certain situations you know will terrify your preschooler. If you get the feeling waterworks are already around the corner, try talking to your child about what to expect. Keep your tone as calm and warm as possible and go step-by-step through the situation they are about to face. In giving your preschooler a preview of the day ahead, your child will feel less intimidated by knowing exactly what is going to happen.

 Encourage Them 

The best medicine in new situations is encouragement. Acknowledge their fear and let them know their anxiety is a natural response to new things, but they hold the ability to rise above. “I know you might be scared, but you are going to have so much fun!” A push in the right direction reassures your child about the situation at hand. Every so often we could all use a little encouragement in scary situations!

Ease Them into the Environment 

Sometimes the environment itself is what truly frightens your child. Try to introduce your child to the environment beforehand. Certain events—such as open house or even the short period before the doctor comes in—are the perfect moments to have them move around and take everything in. Walk through and familiarize your child to the area and watch their jitters become a thing of the past!  Clearly showing them the area is safe and not something to fear can make a difference in their ability to acclimate to the situation.

 New situations for your preschooler can be very hard, but know you are not alone in your efforts! Even when everything seems to be falling apart around you, these tips are sure ways of keeping fear levels low for both you and your child.

Getting Ready for Back to School

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