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Encouraging your Preschooler to Try New Sports

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“You run really fast! Let’s sign up for track and you can run with other kids, too!”

“Those uniforms look really cool and everybody on the team has one. If you play soccer, you can wear one of those too!”

“Hey, it’s time to sign up for basketball. Let’s get your buddies from preschool and sign up together!”

Sports are great for helping our preschooler develop a team mindset. We encourage them to help around the house and be kind to others, but when those concepts result in achieving points and cheers, it can reinforce the concept. But what do we do when they are too timid to try a new sport?

Ask them why. 

Often fear of trying stems from fear of the unknown. Your child might not want to engage in a group sport because they do not understand the rules. Play the sport with them at home and at the park. Begin with small introductions to the activity before taking them to a group sport setting. 

Your child may be timid from fear of all the people. Groups sports can be chaotic for a child. Coaches, teammates, parents, noises, and colors are all overstimulating to a shy preschooler. Again, start small by introducing them to larger groups while playing. Take them to a little league game and sit in the stands. Talk about all the people and why they are there. If your child can feel comfortable with you in that environment, they can take that comfort into a new environment knowing you are on the sidelines.

Show them how. 

Introducing your preschooler to new sports begins at home. When Dora the Explorer is playing soccer, ask them what she is doing and why. As they develop a cognitive interest, grab a soccer ball. Take them outside. Show them how to kick. Create a family fun moment and engage everyone in learning soccer. Have your preschooler show you how Dora kicked the ball. The more you demonstrate it with them, the more they will learn. The more they learn it, the more comfortable they will become.

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