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We are enrolling! Join us in nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and creating a brighter future. We're excited to introduce your child to a world of possibilities! Contact us today for details.

Pre-K Sugar Land and Riverstone

Designed to prepare your child for success in Kindergarten and after!


Available to children beginning at 4 years old at select schools

With our Riverstone Pre-K program in Sugar Land, your child is set up for success during Kindergarten & after! As your child is preparing for the excitement of starting school, we provide them with a foundation for learning & development that is both fun and will benefit them for the rest of their lives! Our accredited program ensures that every child receives an accelerated foundation for elementary school.

The sounds of children laughing and playing are the sounds of children learning at Kids ‘R’ Kids.

VIDEO: Discover why Kids ‘R’ Kids Rivestone is the Smart Choice for your child

What we Offer Our Active Learners

  • Academic Introductions — This group of learning sessions is where students will be introduced to daily subject matter.
  • Independent Exercises — As your child grows older, they will begin to explore the world around them independently. We provide plenty of opportunities for the children in our program to explore subjects, concepts, & ideas on their own to further develop their independent thinking skills
  • Small & Large Group Activities — In addition to independent learning, we encourage the children in our programs to work with each other. We have created small & large group stations where children will learn to cooperate with each other to solve problems and investigate new ideas and materials. Our small group stations focus on close engagement with peers while our large group activities focus on a community approach to learning
  • Realistic Application — In each educational experience, children will learn to apply thought, imagination, and creativity to real-life situations and problems
  • Center Opportunities:
    1. Language and Literacy Center helps children build their language skills
    2. Art Center presents free-choice art experiences that develop skills and imagination
    3. Construction Center develops spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating
    4. Dramatic Play Center encourages individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props
    5. Math Center lets children apply math skills with a variety of materials and strategies
    6. Reading Center promotes independent reading and a love of books
    7. Science/Sensory Center allows children to experiment with materials
    8. Writing Center encourages beginning letter formation through a variety of materials and activities
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Key Aspects of Our Pre-K Childcare Program

With mind and body growing at a rapid pace, your child’s developmental skills will grow with an excitement to learn more and more! Our program is designed to keep up with your child’s boundless need to absorb information and develop new skills. We provide your child with the environment, nutrition, safety, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning.

Knowing your child is safe is crucial to your peace of mind


  • Clean Classrooms: A place where we have included a personal space for your child’s belongings, organized learning centers, disinfected toys and play areas, and child-sized sinks for washing hands
  • Certified Teachers in: Infant/Child and Adult CPR, and First Aid
  • Glass Walls: Unlike typical daycare centers or childcare providers, our classrooms feature tempered glass walls for maximum visibility and safety. This promotes an open, bright atmosphere, as well as a clean environment
  • Safety Guard on Door Hinges: Our doors are padded at the hinges so that little fingers don’t get pinched when doors are opened and closed between classrooms
  • Regular Drills for: Tornado, fire, hurricane and school lock-down
Secure environments provide additional monitoring


  • Electronic Security: Coded entry so only authorized visitors may enter the facility.
  • Hiring Process: All staff undergo extensive state-mandated background checks prior to being hired.
  • Front Desk: Our front desk is always staffed with a watchful eye that supervises the facility, ensuring only authorized entries.
  • Security Cameras: Every classroom in our facility has security cameras that are monitored at the front desk. The owners and staff can easily observe classroom activities throughout each day. Families can login to a secure, password-protected website to check in on their child periodically.
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Proper nutrition serves as fuel for growing bodies AND minds


  • Children eat all meals together using family-style seating in our kid-friendly café.
  • Teachers monitor children during meals at all ties.
  • Meals are prepared in our commercial-grade kitchen, which is kept separated from the classrooms
  • Each day, our in-house chef prepares nutritious meals that exceed USDA guidelines
  • All allergies are documented and kept in the front office with administrators
  • Our school is a nut-free zone

Daily Activities in our Pre K Childcare Program

Our Pre-K program uses the whole-child approach, which facilitates Brain/Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Physical and Behavioral Development, while aiding in the enhancement of communication, language and literacy skills.

Experiential learning expands your child’s mind infinitely

Brain & Cognitive Development

Once your child successfully completes our Pre-K Program, he/she will be able to:

  • Understand and describe relationships using quantity and number; and communicate about distance, weight, and dimensions
  •  Sort, order, classify and create patterns
  • Explore spatial relationships; understand shape concepts; and use mathematical problem solving
  • Demonstrate scientific inquiry skills and communicate scientific ideas clearly
  • Demonstrate understanding of family, and their own culture and ethnicity, geography, and community economics
  • Participate in dance, visual arts, voice and drama while exploring the use of instruments and objects to express creativity
  • Demonstrate awareness of cause and effect; use prior knowledge to build new knowledge; demonstrate problem-solving skills
Lasting friendships are formed daily

Social & Emotional Development

With the aid of our highly skilled teachers, your child will:

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Engage in self-expression
  • Demonstrate strategies for reasoning and problem-solving
  • Increase capacity for self-control
  • Develop relationships with adults
  • Develop relationships with peers
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Playtime develops a healthy attitude towards wellness

Physical Development

The engaging activities your child partakes in both inside and outside our classrooms here at Kids ‘R’ Kids Riverstone ensures that your child:

  • Practices safe, healthy habits
  • Participates in activities related to nutrition
  • Demonstrates an awareness of the body in space and its relationship to objects in space
  • Uses senses to explore the environment and process information
  • Demonstrates gross motor skills
  • Demonstrate fine motor skills
Engaging activities encourage imaginations to flourish

Behavioral Development

Before moving on to Kindergarten, we ensure your child can:

  • Demonstrate initiative and self-direction
  • Demonstrate interest and curiosity
  • Sustain attention to a specific activity and demonstrates persistence
  • Engage in a progression of individualized and imaginative play
  • Demonstrate a cooperative and flexible approach to play
Development thrives with the art of expression!

Communication, Language & Literacy

By the successful conclusion of our Pre-K Program, your child will:

  • Listen to conversations for a variety of purposes and demonstrate comprehension
  • Acquire vocabulary introduced in conversations, activities, stories, and/or books
  • Use nonverbal communication for a variety of purposes
  • Use increasingly complex spoken language; Demonstrate increasing knowledge of the alphabet
  • Acquire meaning from a variety of materials read aloud; Develop early phonological awareness
  • Demonstrate awareness of print concepts; Use writing for a variety of purposes
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Fast Track Curriculum® for Pre-Kindergarten

In preparation for elementary school, our pre-kindergarten children work with original themed modules, designed to be appealing and educational. Our standards-driven curriculum has been approved by the state, so transitioning to kindergarten is a breeze. A great percentage of our pre-K graduates test high above their peers within the first year of elementary education.