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For our staff, HOW MATTERS because we find value in rewarding work that is not only needed but impactful. Our approach reflects our deep focus on the care we provide in a growth-oriented environment, so that the culture we create and nurture serves as a positive example to our children and community.

To support us with this effort, we’ve partnered with Inclusent, a nationally recognized diversity, equity, and inclusion firm, to provide strategic direction. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is reflected in how we treat each other daily.

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Examples of HOW MATTERS for our staff:

DEI Lessons and Corporate Trainings
Staff is regularly engaged in a community of learning that reinforces diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.

We offer monthly lessons on key critical concepts like implicit bias, discrimination, communication, and belonging. We also conduct specialized workshops covering topics such as Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Pride Month. These lessons are delivered by DEI experts and recorded so our staff can watch them independently.

Diverse Holiday and Awareness Calendar
Acknowledge and celebrate holidays in a way that reinforces belonging for all.

Our calendar includes diverse holidays, cultural events, religious celebrations, and awareness months. We commemorate them in our offices, classrooms, and community. Check out our social media platforms to see more.

Resource Guides
Provide access to information on reinforcing and demonstrating diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

On our DEI portal, we provide resource guides for our staff on celebrating each holiday, cultural event, religious celebration, and awareness month on our calendar. We do so in ways that are respectful, authentic, and inclusive of everyone in our Kids ‘R’ Kids community. These resource guides provide the history of the holiday, why the holiday is important, and ideas for how to recognize the holiday with adults and children.

Community Involvement
Establish authentic relationships with members of the broader community.

We consider our Kids ‘R’ Kids community to extend beyond the walls of our schools. We are active members of our communities who participate with care, communication, and kindness. This looks like attending a diverse range of community events and supporting service activities with children and adults.

Policy and Procedure Review
Actively identify and remove barriers to access opportunity, power, and resources for staff.

From our hiring practices to our operations handbook, we believe that our policies and procedures should reflect our company values and our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Therefore, we are reviewing all organizational documents that drive how we do things at Kids ‘R’ Kids and making critical revisions that will further support our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.