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For our students, HOW MATTERS because they will never forget how we make them feel. Hugs, fist bumps, and high fives. Looks, tones, and reactions. Everything adds up for little ones who are constantly putting their world together. The way we care for them matters because it shapes who they will become.

Our curriculum and educational programming reflect our diversity, equity, and inclusion principles. From the games we play, the discussions we lead, and the foods we eat – our children are exposed to the cultures, religions, and experiences of the people, places, and stories of the world.

Learn how we start our school year creating inclusive environments for children.

Examples of HOW MATTERS In Our Classrooms:

Children engage with content representing the world’s cultures, religions, and experiences.

We expose our infants to various books, videos, and music that represent people from diverse communities. During storytime, they learn about all kinds of babies with books like Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers, and Babies around the World by Puck. They love to watch videos like Gracie’s Corner and Cocomelon.

Children understand and embrace multiple aspects of their and classmates’ identities.

With our toddlers, we emphasize understanding and embracing self with questions like, “Can you show me your nose?” “What color is your hair?” We foster curiosity and acceptance by teaching the concept of ‘same’ and ‘different’ with books like Sesame Street’s We’re Different, We’re Same by Bobby Kates.

Children know how to identify and create psychologically safe spaces for themselves and their classmates.

We teach our preschoolers to lead with kindness by having them participate in Kindness Talks. During these talks, preschoolers can share ideas, ask questions, learn about different cultural holidays, and identify ways to be kind to one another. Our teachers and other school staff lead by example, always treating everyone in the Kids ‘R’ Kids family with kindness.

Before and After School Program
Children understand the community around them and know how to make meaningful contributions.

We engage in community partnerships with our Before and After School Program.
They learn about the community around the school, the people who live there, and their experiences. They participate in activities like food drives and write thank you letters to veterans as active members of the broader community.