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3 Easy Activities that Will Help Introduce Chores to Your Kids

While kids aren’t usually eager to learn new skills like doing chores, it can also feel like a bit of a chore to the parent. Chores are historically met with a lack of enthusiasm, compromising and bargaining, and sometimes even downright refusal on the kids’ part.

However, introducing your children to chores can be so much easier if you turn the whole affair into a series of games! Here are three easy activities that will help you as you introduce your children to chores.

Have a Chore Race

Perfect for your little competitors, having a chore race will certainly offer the kids a sense of urgency while teaching them how to get things done the fun way!

There are many ways to go about a chore race, but the easiest way is to start with a list of things that need to get picked up and put away. This could be putting away toys, laundry, and/or school items. Or, it could be a race to see who can finish thoroughly cleaning their rooms first. The first one to finish is the winner! Remember, make the reward fun enough that they come back for more.

Have a Chore Scavenger Hunt

This chore game is particularly useful when played over long periods of time like throughout the day or over two days. Create a checklist with chores listed out. As your little ones complete a task on the list, have them check off the list. Once you’ve double-checked their work and approved it, offer them their well-deserved prize!

Chore scavenger hunts remove the sense of competition and allow the kids to complete them while still feeling like they’ve won something.

Place Mystery Items in Jail

Perfect for decluttering your home if your family has the bad habit of leaving their belongings all over the house, place items you’ve found lying around in a “locked” or forbidden place like a laundry basket, a closet, a cabinet, or a trunk. If the kids want their belongings back, they have to complete a chore in order to release them from jail. If after a week, no one claims an item, it’s free to be donated to get tossed!

Mystery item jail purposes to teach children personal responsibility for their own belongings. It aims to teach them that it is their sole responsibility to make sure they take care of their own things.

Although teaching children how to do chores and why chores are important isn’t always easy, it can be fun!


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