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Thanksgiving: The Preschool Version

Thanksgiving: The Preschool Version at Kids 'R' Kids Legacy West, preschool, daycare, childcare

Retelling the story of Thanksgiving to your child is a fun, yet understandably intimidating task! Whether your preschooler loves animation and creativity, or a “keep it simple” type, these are four basic guidelines to follow when paving the way through the story of Thanksgiving!

Feel like you can’t exactly get the point across yourself? Putting a variety of sources to use is highly recommended- there are wonderful movies, picture books, and other materials to use when teaching your child about this festive holiday- don’t get discouraged! 

As for the preschooler-approved breakdown, here it goes:

  1. When the Pilgrims came to America, they worked hard to make a life for themselves. Hard work was important to the Pilgrims, and should be important to your child! Take these life lessons and put ‘em to good use.
  2. They planted food, met the Native Americans, and when the harvest came, they celebrated. Simplicity is always good. A confusing story leads to a confused child.
  3. The Pilgrims celebrated their hard work and new friendships. By including relatable relationships, your child might better understand the interactions between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.
  4. The Pilgrims gave thanks for what they had. Three words: gratitude is important. Everyone has something to be thankful for!

No matter how you tell it- whether it be on the first day of November, or a reenactment with full costumes on Thanksgiving Day itself- make it your family’s own! No two stories need to be exactly the same. The Pilgrims were brave and thankful. You should be too!

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