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Setting Goals with your Preschooler

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It’s back to school season! There’s so much “new” and you’re constantly on-the-go. Before you and your little one settle back into the swing of things, set goals with your preschool to make this the best school-year yet! Your kiddos are never too young to have goals, and this is the perfect time to establish them.

Short-term and Realistic

Your preschooler likely has a short-attention span and goes from playing with their favorite Paw Patrol toys to playing outside in a matter of minutes. They are constantly changing and shifting interests. That’s the beauty of this phase of life! It is important to put these changes into consideration when setting goals. Set goals that are more short-term – maybe a few days to a couple of weeks tops. The shorter they are, the more realistic they are. 

Goals are fun! 

Do not make goals sound like a chore. Your preschooler will become unmotivated if they think of these goals as something they absolutely have to accomplish. For example, one of the goals can be learning how to properly dribble a soccer ball. Your little one most likely enjoys playing outside (except in the middle of summer..), and therefore will see this as a fun activity. Of course, keep in mind that you want your child to learn and grow in all areas of life. It’s all about balance and moderation – set goals that are both fun and challenging!


Incentives make everything better! Your child’s motivation is more likely to increase once they hear that this whole goal-setting thing comes with an incentive. Reward them with a trip to the ice cream shop or a small toy. They will quickly learn that good behavior and hitting goals results in incentive and praise. There’s no need to always have an incentive or prize at the end of every goal, but it’s fun to encourage your child with a treat occasionally! 

Your child is a go-getter in training now. Go set those goals and have fun while accomplishing them! 

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