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Tuition Payments

We are dedicated to maintaining a supportive and friendly environment for our families

Tuition and Fees

Payment Policy

Tuition is a weekly fee. The preferred method of payment is by Tuition Express, our weekly automatic draft that can come from checking account, savings account, debit card, or credit card every Monday.  You may also pay by check.  If you pay by credit card/debit card (any card) there will be a three percent up-charge to your tuition to cover processing fees.  No cash will be accepted for payments.  Monthly payments in advance (based upon the number of Mondays in a month) are accepted online or at the front desk.

Tuition is due in advance each Friday for the following week.

If tuition is not paid by Monday at the close of school, a $20 late fee will be added to the balance due beginning Tuesday morning. Tuition and other fees must be paid in full every week without deduction for absences of any duration or cause (inclement weather, illness, etc.) and without substitution of other days of attendance as “make-up” days.  The yearly tuition for a class is calculated and divided into weekly payments with holiday closures considered.  Please understand that staffing and other operational costs are based on these fixed levels of enrollment; few of these costs are eliminated when the child is temporarily absent.

How to Make a Payment

As a valued member of our Kids ‘R’ Kids family, you have options to pay your child’s tuition through our automatic draft from your checking/savings account or credit/debit card through Tuition Express. You may also pay at the front desk to one of our administrators or by visiting our online parent portal at Please note when using a credit/debit card, there is a 3% processing fee added to your tuition payment.