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Kindergarten Program

5 Year Old Writes Backward

We believe learning starts from day one, and at Kids ‘R’ Kids, we offer just that-a private accelerated kindergarten classroom that is based on Gwinnett County’s 10-month term calendar. By providing exceptional care for our students, we incorporate Gwinnett County School Standards into our Kindergarten curriculum while fostering cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and moral development in an academic-rich environment. By providing this experience for your child, we are able to help create an academic foundation for success in the grades that follow. Additionally, your child will receive hand-crafted meals and snacks while using fresh ingredients prepared and served by our culinary-degreed Chef in our state-of-the-art café.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, your family will also be provided with our “Watch Me Grow” internet camera system that will give your family peace of mind when dropping your child off into their kindergarten classroom. You and your spouse may download the application onto your cellular device or home computer. Your children will feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment. Our kindergarteners will also be invited on field trips for off-campus learning. Pricing of field trips will be determined based on the activity cost.

Admissions and Enrollment

By enrolling your child at Kids ‘R’ Kids of Hamilton Mill, you as a parent or guardian give permission for your child to be involved in activities and events at our school. You further understand that Kids ‘R’ Kids of Hamilton Mill is a private school whose goal is to provide a positive, enriching Kindergarten classroom environment. To reserve a space for your kindergartner, the first week’s tuition is due upon enrollment in the kindergarten class. With the variety of materials provided, the kindergarten classroom supply fee is due August 1st, 2019. Please note your child’s first week of tuition and classroom supply fee is non-refundable.

Attendance Policy

Gwinnett County mandates a child attends school for 180 days to receive credit for that academic year. Since our Kindergarten will be in session more days than this, a family will have more flexibility with attendance. Your tuition covers availability for your child to be at school from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm if you wish. School session will run from August 5th to May 20th. Your family will have two weeks of vacation at half-price that you may use anytime during the school year.