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Working Through Separation Anxiety for New Preschoolers

For many preschoolers, there is an element of separation anxiety. This is especially evident at the start of a new preschool year. Here are some helpful tips for working through separation anxiety on behalf of your child. 

Make sure your child gets to meet their new teacher before the year starts. 

You can ask to have a tour of the different learning areas! This is helpful for many reasons, but one reason is for your child to see the many locations where they will get to experience many fun activities during each school day. When your child is sad when you have to leave them at preschool, you can remind them about the many different activities that they will be having that day. 

Before the school year begins, read Daniel Goes to School. 

This is part of the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood book series. The plot line is Daniel Tiger being nervous that his dad cannot stay at school with him. Daniel learns to work through that separation anxiety. Check at your local library for other children’s book ideas about this very topic! There are many good fiction children’s story books about fears of going to school (and being separated from parents). 

Take your preschooler’s anxious concerns seriously. 

These emotions are valid. Encourage your preschooler that you love them very much and are excited about how big they are getting! Let them know that you are so proud of them doing big things, like being apart from each other for portions of each day. Let them know how happy you are that they get to learn so much and do so many fun activities with their friends. Though these words are not 100% healing for your child, positive thoughts will help lead them in the right direction.

Your preschooler is learning to be brave and will count on you to help them work through separation anxiety. The beautiful thing is, YOU are the best person to help your child! You are just right for them. 

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