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All Inclusive Tuition

Fulfilling our role daily as one of the best values in the Early Education Industry.


  • At Kids ‘R’ Kids, our in-house Chef prepares delicious and nutritious meals each day for your little ones. A healthy breakfast, hearty lunch, and a snack in the afternoon are provided daily. We even have vegetarian and dairy-free options for those who need it!
  • Additionally, washed and sanitized sippy cups are offered for children who are off the bottle and learning to drink from a real cup.

Learning Approach

  • Children can benefit from our Steam Ahead Program, which provides students with opportunities to be innovative, creative, and inventive as they build strong foundations in five core areas of their education; science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
  • Our state of the art technology department is the perfect way to get children acclimated to the world of computers and learn the skills needed for Kindergarten readiness. We have a dedicated teacher for our tech lab.
  • Children 3 and 4 years old receive their very own account with ABCmouse, an interactive early learning website. Children can use this teaching tool both at school and at home!
  • All supplies are included (with no monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual supply fees!).
Activities and Extra-curriculars
  • For those hot summer days, we have our very own water park so children can stay cool while having a blast!
  • Extracurricular activities are offered for children ages 18 months to Pre-K. These activities include music classes, Spanish classes 2 times a week, and fitness adventures.
 Facility Cleanliness
  • The solution to the spread of communicable illnesses? ZONO SanitechIt has proven a broad efficiency against common bacteria, viruses, and fungi, controls microbial contamination, and is an important part of a comprehensive sanitizing program for our schools. Items that could not normally be cleaned, such as books, crayons, and feather boas from the dramatic play center, can be easily and effectively sanitized.
  • We now use DIS.IN.FX, the Germ Certified Experts! Our facility reguarly undergoes fog applied treatments. We use EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants and EPA registered Anti-Microbial Coating. The treatment process controls and inhibits the growth of a wide variety of microbes on the surface of this facility.

Parent Updates

  • We know it’s important for parents to stay in the loop, which is why we give you the opportunity to log in to Watch Me Grow and see your children at any given time of day. Parents can take a virtual “peek” inside the classroom at their convenience and have peace of mind knowing their preschoolers are safe and happy.
  • Tadpoles daily electronic reports allow us to send out daily sheets in the form of an email instead of a paper copy. Pictures of the children are taken throughout the day and archived so parents can see exactly what their child’s day entailed. Lots of learning, love, and fun!

Extra Teachers

  • To ensure a safe/healthy and learning environment, we have an extra teacher in our 6 month to 2 year-old classrooms and afterschool program.