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Skills Your Preschooler Can Begin to Learn

It tugs on momma’s and daddy’s heart strings seeing their little one grow up and become increasingly independent. As parents, we know we have to let go and let our little humans learn and grow into independent individuals. Your preschooler can begin learning many skills to help her be more independent and make things a bit easier for you, also.  

Social Skills

Sharing and taking turns can be difficult skills for preschoolers. Provide opportunities to take turns and share some of your child’s toys. Begin with some less treasured items and then progress to sharing a favorite toy. Also, offer opportunities for your child to interact with children outside of the home and share or take turns. It is more difficult for a preschooler to share or take turns with someone outside their own home than it is to share with a parent or sibling.  


Manners are an important skill for everyone and teaching manners can be simple through modeling. Our little ones look up to us, so we need to make sure to always model good manners. If your preschooler forgets to use his manners, gently remind him. For example, if he asks for a snack without saying please, you could say, “Please try asking again using manners.”  

Life Skills

Allow your child to help choose his or her outfit for the day. This helps teach the skill of dressing for the weather. Once your child has chosen his outfit, let him dress himself with minimal help! Initially, he may need reminders of putting certain items of clothing on first or help putting them on, but he will quickly learn how to do these activities on his own.  

Household Chores

Preschoolers are capable of helping with simple household chores. If your child is in preschool, it is likely she has a class job. Some ideas for age appropriate chores for your preschooler include: sorting and folding socks together, folding hand towels and washcloths, putting dishes in the sink, wiping the table after meal time, or helping sort and put away utensils.  

As much as it breaks your heart to see your preschooler become more independent and more like a “big kid,” seeing her beam with pride at her new found skills is worth it.  Plus, you know you are helping her get ready for life with some basic skills!  

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