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Screen-Free Ways to Engage Preschoolers On-The-Go

Many parents are busy and have a lot on their plates, and preschoolers often get bored while out running errands or going to the doctor’s office. While it is easy to hand your little one a phone or a tablet to appease them in the moment, there are other ways to interact with your preschooler to keep them entertained.

I Spy

Preschoolers love playing I Spy, and it takes zero preparation. You can practice color recognition, alphabet recognition, or counting skills while playing this game. For practicing alphabet recognition, you can either look for the actual letter, or look for items that begin with the letter. Older preschoolers can also find items that begin with the sound of the letter, instead of naming the letter.  


It is a good idea to always carry something with which your preschooler can use to draw or write. You can go with the traditional crayons and paper, or use a small magnetic drawing pad. If you are somewhere your preschooler is required to sit for a long period of time, pull out drawing items and practice some writing skills. Your preschooler can draw pictures, practice writing his or her name, or copy down words they see in their environment!

Guess Who

Preschoolers love asking questions! Play a game of Guess Who with your little one while you are running errands. You can choose people you know, characters in books or on television, or animals. Your child will ask you yes or no questions to attempt to guess the person or animal you are describing. This is great for practicing language skills and for teaching yes or no questions.  

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for keeping your preschooler engaged while you are on the go and running errands. Enjoy time with your preschooler, and turn every outing into a fun learning experience!  

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