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Water Painting

Busy toddlers love painting, but some family members may not be so excited about cleaning up.

What is the secret to endless entertainment without the mess? Q-tips, water, and construction paper! Not only is this activity mess-free, its perfect for your child’s development and learning. By exploring with their senses and experimenting with cause-and-effect, your child is using important thinking and sensory skills. The fine motor skills needed to manipulate the Q-tips will also strengthen the muscles in their fingers and hands. And the small surface of the Q-tip makes it take longer to fill up the paper. This activity has positive social-emotional benefits, allowing children to express their creativity and feel a sense of accomplishment. It can also be a calming activity that promotes relaxation and concentration, helping children to regulate their emotions and focus their attention. To get started, simply give your child a bowl of water and a sheet of paper and let them dip the Q-tips into the water and “paint” on the paper. Unleash their inner artist and enjoy the priceless smiles!

– Construction Paper
– Water
– Q-tips

1. Add some water to a small bowl.
2. Soak a few Q-tips in the water and hand them to your little one or let them dip them in themselves.
3. Show them what happens when you draw on the paper — watch as your drawing appears (and later dries)!
4. Enjoy “painting” without all the mess!