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Almost every child brings home homework at the end of a busy school day. And oftentimes, once at the comfort of their homes and away from the classroom, a child requires aid in tackling the task in front of them. Many parents have found themselves struggling to help their child with homework for many reasons. Chief among these are having a busy schedule themselves. Additionally, many parents struggle with remembering concepts from grade school that they last learned many years ago. And as time goes on, teaching methods change, so the old way to tackle a math problem may be different to what your child is learning today. Here are some helpful tips for parents to use to better help their children with homework.

Blog image of Dad helping daughter with homework

Sit down with you child and read through the assignment. When you actively participate in the assignment with your child, you are involving them and allowing yourself to understand the concept of the assignment.

Find videos and tutorials online. Since the rise of the internet and the need to get information quickly, a lot of online tutorials are now easily available. Some are even free! Check out places like,, and more!

Use a variety of household objects to display ideas. Some examples of this are using beans to show addition and subtraction by counting out the beans and then taking away or adding a certain number of beans to show the final number. Using paper to mold or even stackable items like cardstock or books to show 3 dimensional shapes, using water to show properties of water, and more can help you show your child the concepts in a way they can easily visualize.

Don’t be afraid to seek help. Sometimes, either because of time or because some concepts are hard to remember, we don’t have the means to best help a child learn or tackle an assignment. Don’t be afraid to look for help yourself. Oftentimes you can check out a book from the public library on the subject. You can then read through it or even read it to your child so you both can learn that concept. Or you can use the internet and have your child learn how to safely search for answers and materials online that will help them learn the new subject matter.

Get a tutor. As they get older, the concepts they learn will get harder and life usually doesn’t get any less busy. Consider hiring a tutor for those subject areas that you know your child struggles with the most. This way your child is getting help from a source that is specifically knowledgeable in that area, and oftentimes a tutor’s teaching methods and patience may be exactly what your child needs to get comfortable with the subject they are struggling with.

With these tips, homework doesn’t have to be a headache. It’s hard to keep up with every assignment your child brings home but with a little extra help they and you, will be able to tackle every one!