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Sour Patch Grapes

Looking for an exciting activity can be both fun and educational?

Look no further than the Sour Patch Grapes recipe. This delicious and easy-to-make treat is perfect for kids of all ages and may even inspire planning a visit to someplace that grows grapes. How about California? While making this recipe with your little ones, you can teach them about the importance of agriculture, the science of cooking, and the benefits of healthy eating. Agriculture is everywhere, and it is relevant for children to know how their food grows and where it comes from. This activity also incorporates fine-motor skills like inserting the toothpicks and twisting the grapes in the coating. Plus, as the name suggests, these grapes have a sour-sweet taste that’s sure to set everyone’s taste buds tingling! So, go find everyone’s chef hat and take your child on a flavor-packed journey that’s fun, easy, and educational? With Sour Patch Grapes, the sky’s the limit!

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Wooden toothpicks
– Small bowls
– Green grapes
– Variety of different powdered gelatin flavors

1. Don’t forget to wash your grapes!
2. Add powdered gelatin to separate bowls.
3. Stick a toothpick into the top of a grape. Dunk the grape into a bowl of water and then into the gelatin powder and then roll it around until the grape is fully coated
4. Continue to dunk and roll each grape, alternating between flavors.
5. Refrigerate or freeze the grapes for a yummy, cold summer treat!