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Blast off on a cosmic adventure and engage your little astronomer in a thrilling solar eclipse mask activity!

With solar eclipse glasses and a paper plate, children craft their own protective masks. By cutting a small viewing window in the plate and attaching solar eclipse glasses, it creates a safe way to observe the celestial event. This hands-on experience not only sparks creativity but also fosters an early interest in astronomy as children witness the wonder of a solar eclipse safely and playfully. It lays the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning and exploration. To explain a solar eclipse, ask your child to imagine a special dance in the sky between the Moon and the Sun. Sometimes, the Moon goes between the Earth and the Sun, making a shadow on our planet and blocking the Sun from our view for a short time. It’s like a fantastic show where everything in our universe moves in a magical way!

Paper plates
Rubber band
Silver paint
Paint brush
Solar eclipse glasses

1. Paint the paper plate silver to give it an astronaut look!
2. Using scissors, cut lines on each side for the mask’s edges to fit the glasses into.
3. Cut out a triangle in the center for the nose and holes for the eyes.
4. Slide the solar eclipse glasses through the holes on the sides of the mask.
5. For added stability, attach one end of the rubber band to each side of the mask using a stapler.