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Snack: Yogurt Parfait

Quality time in the kitchen!
Spending quality time cooking with children is the perfect way to boost confidence, encourage creativity, and develop social skills. Families can also use cooking as a way to cultivate gratitude for homemade snacks. Nothing wraps this up all together better than a yummy yogurt parfait! Young children can practice basic math like counting each spoonful of yogurt and measuring ingredients. It’s fun to make edible creations with measuring cups and spoons, even with an open-ended recipe that doesn’t require exact measurements. Help your child to use their natural curiosity to engage in conversation while you cook, and help to sharpen your child’s developing social skills. This is an integral part of development in little ones, and increases your child’s success in all areas of life!
-Vanilla Yogurt
-Fruit (berries, bananas, etc.)
In a glass jar, begin layering ingredients (fruit, yogurt, granola) until you fill the jar. Enjoy!