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Pipe Cleaner Tangle

What is it about pipe cleaners that curious toddlers just can’t resist?

They’re bendy, twisty, colorful fun! This simple activity is a great way to entertain your little ones while helping to develop their thinking superpowers and strong sensory skills. All you need is a kitchen colander and some pipe cleaners, and you’re ready to go! Sticking the fuzzy pipe cleaners into the colander helps to build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which will strengthen tiny hands and fingers. This activity also promotes problem-solving and cooperative play, which helps with positive social-emotional development. Encourage teamwork by letting family members work together to fit the pipe cleaners into the colander. For a simple, engaging activity, grab a colander and pipe cleaners and let the fun begin!
– Kitchen colander (one with big enough holes to thread pipe cleaners)
– Pipe cleaners
– Clear packing tape

1. Tape your colander on a flat surface like a table or high chair top
2. Thread pipe cleaners through the colander holes one by one. You can weave in and out of holes!
3. Encourage your child to pull out pipe cleaners one by one.
4. That’s it – easy fine motor skills activity for your toddler!