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Paper Plate Sun Catcher

Let the sunshine in and bring the colors out to play!

Help your child capture the magic of the sun with this vibrant suncatcher activity. All you need is a paper plate, clear contact paper, scissors, colorful tissue paper, and string for hanging. Cut out the center of the plate, then attach contact paper to the back. Your child can get creative by cutting or tearing tissue paper into small pieces and pressing them onto the contact paper. Seal it, trim the excess, and add a string. This craft enhances fine motor skills, encourages creativity and color recognition, and introduces the concept of light and transparency. Show your child see-through objects like a glass of water to explain transparency. And don’t forget to sing a joyful version of “You Are My Sunshine” for added fun!


  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Clear contact paper
  • Multi-colored tissue paper
  • Ribbon Hole punch


1. Carefully cut out a hole in the middle of the paper plate. You may need to help your child with this step.

2. Now, grab your contact paper and cut out two circles a little bigger than the hole in the plate.

3. Cut the colored tissue paper into various shapes.

4. Peel the backing off one of the contact paper circles and place it on your workspace with the sticky side facing up. Gently press the paper plate onto the contact paper.

5. Arrange the tissue paper to create a design.

6. Peel the backing off the second circle. Press it on top of your design. Smooth out any bubbles.

7. Use the hole punch to make a hole at the top of the paper plate. Thread some ribbon or string through it, and you can tie or hang your creation in a sunny spot at home.