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Paper Heart Bouquet

Your child has been hearing “I love you” since the day they were born and already understands the feelings and actions that go along with these powerful words.

A simple heart is a symbolic shape for complex feelings and is the perfect way for your child to show they care. Use this cute hands-on activity to help your child share the ways they feel love for others, for themselves, and for the planet! This activity involves plenty of scissor cutting practice which uses the entire hand muscle. It’s prefect for strengthening fingers and hands which is so important for independence, handwriting, and literacy. Even squeezing the glue bottle helps to develop strength, so encourage your child to use the non-dominant hand, too!


– Scissors

– Glue

– Pipe cleaners

– Construction paper

– Ribbon


1. Cut heart shapes out of construction paper.

2. Glue pipe cleaner down for a stem and branches.

3. Add heart shapes to the ends of the stems and branches.

4. Add a bow for the finished bouquet.