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Investigate the different ways the moon looks from Earth as the days go by with this Oreo Moon Phases activity!

Each cookie represents a different phase of the moon. Your child can use a plastic knife or spoon to carve their way through the changing lunar cycle, from the full moon to crescents and quarters. As they enjoy this tasty exploration, they also grasp the concept of the moon’s phases in a hands-on and memorable way. It’s a delicious blend of astronomy and creativity that leaves young astronomers with a sweet understanding of the moon’s amazing transformations. Be sure to watch the night sky for the real-life examples. You can even use simple but scientific vocabulary and explanations for an older child to label the moon phases.

Paper plate
Knife or fork

1. Carefully twist eight Oreos apart so the cream separates from one side of the cookie.
2. Using a knife or fork, draw a line in the cream and scrape off some from each cookie to represent each moon phase.
3. Use a marker or pen to write the name of each Moon phase on the plate in a circle.
5. Draw the Earth in the center of the plate to show how the moon orbits the Earth.
4. Place all Oreos on the plate in a circle in the order of the moon phases.