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No-Mess Finger Painting

Color is a captivating way to introduce your child to science, especially with paint!

It is bright, fun, and has plenty of qualities that promote scientific thinking. Colors are one of the important basics in early learning. It helps with expanding vocabulary and developing critical thinking skills. This color mixing activity is the perfect way to create interactive art based in science and without the mess. Help your child to squeeze a sizable dot of paint in the order of the rainbow spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (“ROY G. BIV” is a simple way to remember). If you don’t have all the colors, that’s okay! Carefully slide it into the baggie, and let your child press the paint to the end of the rainbow. Squeezing, squishing, and finger drawing is fun exercise for fine motor skills. What shapes, numbers, and letters can you draw together?

– Painter’s tape
– Paper
– Multi-color paints
– Large sealable plastic bag

1. Poor one dab of each color on the paper so they are not touching
2. Slide paper into large plastic bag and seal
3. Tape two side of the plastic bag down
4. Mix the colors up by pushing them around with your fingers