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Roaring into the wild world of the animal kingdom has never been so paw-sitively entertaining!

This cute handprint activity is a crafty adventure and a roar-some way to introduce your little ones to the wonders of wildlife. As a small hand transforms into a majestic mane, your child will go on a sensory journey and connect with the animal kingdom in an active way. This hands-on approach sparks creativity, nurtures fine motor skills, and is perfect for practicing hand-eye coordination, all essential for early writing development. Working on this craft together is a wonderful way to encourage storytelling about lions and their habitats, fostering language skills and expanding your child’s vocabulary. So, let those little paws leave their mark on the savanna, where the wild meets the whimsical and literacy skills growl to life!


– Orange and yellow cardstock

– Black marker

– Googly eyes

– Glue


  1. Using a piece of yellow card stock, folded in half, trace your child’s hand with their pinky finger along the fold. Cut along the trace lines.
  2. Cut out a yellow circle for the lion’s head.
  3. Cut strips of yellow and orange and glue them to the back of the head around the edge to form the lion’s mane.
  4. Use a black marker to draw a mouth, nose, and whiskers.
  5. Attach the lion’s head over the thumb of the hand print card.
  6. Glue three strips of cardstock to the back of the lion’s body to make the tail.
  7. Write a message inside the card!