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You can stay safe and help keep other children safe by recognizing dangerous water situations.

  • If you see a bathtub with water in it when nobody is taking a bath, what should you do?
    Drain the bathtub of water; close the bathroom door; tell an adult.
  • If you see a toilet bowl with the lid up, what should you do?
    Shut the toilet lid; close the bathroom door.
  • If you see a bucket with water or another liquid in it, what should you do?
    Move it out of the reach of young children; tell an adult so it is emptied.

If a family has a swimming pool in their yard, they have to be extra careful and take steps to keep children out of the pool area.

  • There should be “layers of protection,” which means there should be several things that keep children away from the pool, not just one or two things. For example:

     A fence that is at least 4 feet high and completely surrounds the pool
     A fence with a self-closing gate
     Fencing that provides a barrier between the pool and the house
     A pool alarm
     Safety locks on doors and windows leading to the pool area

  • Children should only be in a backyard pool area when an adult has given them permission and is there to supervise them.
  • Whenever children are in, on or around any body of water (such as pools, rivers,
    lakes, streams), adults must provide constant and active supervision.

In your house and in your yard, watch for water, be on guard.

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Source: Water Safety for Kids – Red Cross