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Homemade Snowballs

Too frosty outside? Or not enough snow?

No matter what climate you live in, you can still treat your family to an epic indoor snowman building session with two simple ingredients! Simply mix baking soda and shaving cream until it forms a snowy texture. It’s great practice for little hands to knead and squeeze the mixture and build strong hand muscles. Sensory play is important, and this fake snow is perfect for children of all ages. For some variety in the winter scene, add cookie cutters, snow animals, or objects from nature.
– Shaving cream
– Baking Soda
– A cutting board or container (for mixing and playing with the snow)
1. Pour the baking soda on the cutting board or into the container.
2. Add some shaving cream.
3. Use your hand to mix and knead the shaving cream with the baking soda.
4. Add more shaving cream and continue kneading until the mixture reaches the consistency of snow.