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Homemade Pop-Tarts

Nothing is more rewarding than bonding with your child over delicious food.

An exciting way to start is by baking your own homemade version of the classic Pop-Tart! Fun fact: did you know the original 1960’s Pop Tarts name was so bland, the creators changed it to mimic Andy Warhol’s Pop Art Movement as a play on words. Looks like it was a huge success!

Baking homemade tarts is a fun activity that tastes amazing, and it benefits your child’s development in many ways. Not only can you experiment with math using fractions and measurement, baking also requires following instructions and paying attention to detail. Plus, the sensory experience of mixing ingredients and rolling out the dough can help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination. But the best part? Making your own pop-tarts means your child can customize the filling to his or her liking. Whether it’s strawberry, blueberry, or even a wacky combination like peanut butter and jelly, your child is sure to be excited to take a bite out of their very own creation. Grab your rolling pin and sprinkles and have a blast creating memories in the kitchen with your little one. Who knows, it may become a tradition that your family will cherish for years to come!

– Crescents rolls
– Jam

1. Open pack. Lay out crescent rolls flat and divide into four.
2. Spread jam onto two of the four individual sections.
3. Taking the two sections without jam, lay over the 2 sections with the jam.
4. Use a fork to press and seal the edges to create a crimped edge.
5. Bake and serve. Enjoy!