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Hand Art Tree

May signals the start of summer and a time for children to be outside as much as possible for the best development.

Get ready to celebrate outdoor activities with an exciting art experience that has many benefits for learning. Make it outside if the weather allows! This Hand Art Tree includes ways for children to help their hands, eyes, and all brain work together while having fun. This also helps to support other areas of development like balance, awareness, and large-motor skills that involve the whole body. Hand-tracing is an excellent activity that helps young children prepare for writing and other thinking skills that require concentration and focus. Building fine-motor strength allows for a better hand grasp when using tools like utensils, pencils, and crayons. Now it’s time get your little one excited for some creativity that will have them tracing, dipping, and dabbing a hand-made masterpiece of the most perfect little hand!

•Paint brushes
•Cotton balls
•Brown, pink, and green paint

•Place hand on paper and trace hand with pencil.
•Using the paintbrush, paint in the hand lines with brown paint.
•Using a cotton ball pinched by the clothespin, dot around the painted hand. Layer colors using this technique to create a tree with leaves and flowers!