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Craft: Grass Heads

Make room for a new friend!
We have a unique and delightful craft for you this month! This one is so much fun to make, but it will require patience to see the finished product! Grass Heads are a great activity for your preschooler because not only do they get to be creative, they also get to learn how plants grow from a seed. Your preschooler is sure to be checking on his Grass Head each day to see if any new growth has occurred! No two Grass Heads are alike, so gather the family and make a whole family of Grass Heads today!
You will need:
Grass seed
Googly eyes
Mason jar/baby food jar
Construction paper
1. Roll down a stocking so that it is nearly flat with just an opening in the middle. Fill with a few scoops of grass seed.
2. Add several scoops of soil on top of the seed (so that the filling is big enough to sit above the top of your glass jar) and then tie a knot in the stocking so the grass seed and soil is contained at the foot of the stocking.
3. Turn the stocking over so the knot and excess of the stocking is on the bottom.
4. Decorate the face of your Grass Head with googly eyes and a mouth.
5. Fill your jar with water and carefully lower the leg part of your stocking into the jar so that it is submerged in the water. The head should sit nicely on top of the jar.
6. Decorate a piece of construction paper to represent clothes for your Grass Head and affix it to the jar.
7. Find a sunny spot to set your Grass Head. In about 10 days you should see some crazy hair developing on top of your Grass Head!
8. Bonus: try giving your Grass Heads fun haircuts. Don’t worry, it will grow back!