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CRAFT: Yarn Spider Web

What could be more classically “Halloween” than a spider and its web?

These eight-legged creatures will make the perfect addition to your Halloween decor, all the while entertaining your kids with creative fun!


– White yarn or string
– White craft sticks (or paint some craft sticks white)
– Hot glue gun
– Small plastic spider


1. Glue three craft sticks into a “snowflake” type shape.
2. Take your yarn and glue the end to the back side of the craft sticks.
3. Start wrapping your yarn around the craft stick and then over to the next one, working your way around the entire shape forming a web.
4. When your web is complete, cut the yarn and glue it to the back of the nearest craft stick.
5. Glue your spider to the front of your web. Tada! It’s spooktacular!

*Remember to use caution with your hot glue gun, and keep away from small fingers!