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Craft: String Shapes

Gear up for some fun!

What is the ideal answer for replacing passive screen-time while traveling? A DIY busy box! Planning and preparing for long periods of travel will help make it a pleasant family-time experience for everyone. Strengthen your preschooler’s pincer skills and boost hand-eye coordination with this simple craft. Gripping a lacing string and feeding it in and out of a hole in a card develops those tiny muscles your child will need for learning to write. It also requires focus and coordination that your preschooler will need in order to have an age-appropriate attention span for learning in school. Lacing cards are a staple in our developmental skills toolbox, and they are easy to make at home! Be creative and make whatever themed lacing cards your child will love! Add a few stickers or scribble a few funny faces on top, and you will have an eye-catching, finger-strengthening activity to keep your child occupied at home or on the go!


-Shoelaces (one per card)
-Cardboard cut into various shapes
-Hole punch


1. Use your scissors to cut your cardboard into various shapes of your choosing.
2. Punch holes around the perimeter of each shape
3. Attach a shoelace to the card. You can either tie a knot at the end of a shoelace to keep it from slipping through, or attach it with tape to the back of the card.