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Craft: Paper Plate Leaf Face

Autumn leaves are falling down! It’s the perfect time of year for playing outdoors and finding inspiration to be creative!

– Paper plate
– Acrylic Craft Paint (for the color of the face)
– Leaves
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Black Sharpie
– Foam brush
– White and colored paper

1. After collecting all your supplies, paint the paper plate
2. Cut the stems of the leaves and arrange them to look like hair, then glue the leaves to the paper plate
3. Use your imagination to create a funny face! Use white and colored paper to add eyes, lips, or anything you want
4. Glue all the pieces to the paper plate and use the sharpie to complete your funny leaf face!

*Remember to use caution with your hot glue gun and keep away from small fingers!