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Craft: Painted Straw Fireworks

Get ready to dazzle your kids!
One of the most exciting highlights of summer, along with everything red, white, and blue, and barbecues with family and friends, is the joy of fireworks on the Fourth of July. As you honor this special day of America’s independence, help your child to appreciate the holiday with a simple art project that explodes with color! This painted fireworks craft uses only a few materials and is something that your child can do very easily. Simply pour the paint, tape the straws, dab the colors and BOOM! POW! WOW! This is a wonderful way to celebrate love for our country and talk about why the freedoms that Americans have are so special. You can make this concept easier to understand by having your child talk about everyday activities that mean the most to them, like playing with toys or friends, and connecting it to patriotism.
-Paper plate
-White paper
-Red, white, and blue craft paint
-6 flexible straws
1. Bend each straw at its flex point. Form all six straws into a cluster with the tops of all the straws pointing toward the outside. Tape them together at the base.
2. Squeeze out small amounts of your three paints onto your paper plate.
3. Dip the top of the straws into the paint and then stamp them onto the paper.
4. BOOM! You just created fireworks!